Genesys Announces Next Generation Customer Experience Platform

By CIOReview | Monday, August 17, 2015

SAN FRANCISCO, CA: Genesys, a provider of omnichannel customer experience (CX), has introduced an advanced level of Genesys Customer Experience Platform, which offers organizations to harmonize and manage multimodal omnichannel journeys and interactions that are personalized to every customer.

With the increase in interactions between organizations and customers digitally through mobile devices, customers follow self-directed and random journeys, which the organizations try to manage but are unaware of the customer’s problem. This leads to dissatisfied customers, but this Customer Experience Platform helps companies to implement, monitor and tune redesigned omnichannel customer journeys.

Nowadays companies support multi channel customer interactions but cannot synchronize multiple channels simultaneously within a single interaction (multimodality) and cannot systematically direct the the customer journeys (orchestration). Thus, this approach leads to inappropriate management of customer journey lifecycle. Genesys’ platform combines multimodality, orchestration, and journey lifecycle management to transform self-service engagement with contextual personalization aligned to customer’s journey and needs.

In order to support multichannel customer interactions, many employees handle single interactions while specialists and back office experts handle digital interactions or provide support. The Genesys CX Platform offers both front and back office staff a comprehensive view to all interactions and touchpoints.

“To date, no vendor has delivered a customer experience platform that can truly orchestrate and manage customer journeys; the new omnichannel journey management capabilities available with the Genesys Customer Experience Platform set a new standard for customer engagement and firmly establishes Genesys as the industry leader for both vision and execution, ” says Paul Segre, CEO, Genesys.