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Genesys Cloud Integration to boost Communication and Collaboration

By CIOReview | Monday, July 27, 2020

Genesys partners with Microsoft to transfigure enterprise contact centers and productivity.

FREMONT, CA: One of the leading cloud technology solution companies, Genesys, has grown its partnership with Microsoft to improve the communication and collaboration abilities of an enterprise. Genesys is a pioneer in enhancing communication and collaboration for customers using the cloud. The company also extends its expertise in the sphere of the contact center as well.

The Genesys Cloud and the Microsoft Teams, together, aim in developing an all new end to end solution. The partnership between the two companies would result in one of the most innovative and unique public cloud contact center platforms. it would be the world's largest cloud contact and collaborative solution that is completely integrated, and efficient. The new solution delivers a more connected, intuitive, and productive experience to the users.

With this, contact centers can collaborate with any employee with the help of Teams and effectively resolve customer queries at a very high pace and with the highest amount of quality of service.

Today, contact center operators coordinate with various portals and systems in multiple devices. They might sometimes have to switch between the devices and teams. This friction causes increased inefficiency, which creates a negative impact on collaboration. This further causes inconvenience to the customers. Like a silver bullet, the new partnership between Genesys and Microsoft would result in an integrated solution that improves and redefines collaboration and communication in an enterprise.

With an annual service record of developing and delivering more than 70 billion solutions and experiences to firms across 100 different countries, Genesys harnesses the power of cloud and Artificial intelligence. The new technology platform by the company connects every customer to a team in the enterprise and collocates incidences pertaining to marketing, sales, and service.