Genetec Boasts New Authentication and Encryption Methods in its Latest Version of Security Center

By CIOReview | Monday, September 14, 2015

MONTREAL, CN: Genetec, a provider of unified IP security solutions, is all set to unveil new features for Security Center 5.4 with advanced logical security and video encryption mechanisms. The latest offering empowers organizations to implement digital certificates in a bid to counter cyber threats.

Security Center 5.4 is a unified security platform that blends access control, automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) and video surveillance within a single interface to simplify operations. It provides support for the H.265 video compression standard along with next-gen Plan Manager mapping module. The solution will host security threat counter measures that include new authentication and encryption methods to ensure exclusive access for authorized personnel. 

Security Center will establish a secure and trusted connection thus authenticating communications within the system, validating and ensuring uncompromised exchange of data and videos. Organizations can now leverage specialized third-party claim services including Active Directory Federation Services to authenticate and manage Security Center user credentials. The latest video encryption methods facilitate advanced capabilities to ensure authenticated access to live video streams and archived videos.

H.265 Integration and Map-based Command and Control

H.265 video compression standard addresses organizations’ pain points in reducing surveillance system costs and storage needs. It reduces bandwidth consumption by half and enables organizations to leverage higher resolution cameras efficiently. Secure Camera offers support for H.265 and with the help of H.265- compatible video graphics cards, users can reap benefits from graphic processing unit (GPU) decoding to deliver H.265 streams more efficiently.

Security Center will host a redesigned version of its native mapping module, Plan Manager, to assist operators in their routine tasks through intuitive and visual experience. This will enable operators to manage multiple security devices spread across multi-level buildings and distributed sites. The solution can be optimized to leverage video walls by enabling operators to span maps across multiple monitors.