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Genetec Integrates with ASSA ABLOY Aperio Wireless Lock Technology

By CIOReview | Wednesday, March 26, 2014

FREMONT, CA: Genetec, provider of unified IP security solutions, announced that it was planning to support the ASSA ABLOY Aperio wireless lock technology in its Synergis IP-based access-control solution, which is expected to be available in the second quarter of 2014. The integration will allow the Synergis Master Controller (SMC) to manage the Aperio-enabled locking hardware; while offering customers the capability to lock within any networked access control deployment, wirelessly.

The Aperia wireless technology provides an easy and affordable way to connect openings from doors to cabinets, within a new or existing Synergis access control system via wireless communication (IEEE 802.15.4). The Genetec SMC will now communicate directly with the Aperio wireless hubs, which in turn support several Aperio-enabled wireless locks. A single SMC can communicate with and manage dozens of wireless locks in real-time. It also allows the ability to log tens of thousands of lock events when required.

This technology integration will assist Genetec and ASSA ABLOY customers worldwide to expand their existing access control systems without any limits, cost and inconvenience of wiring. The availability of the Aperio wireless lock technology allows organizations to increase the reach of their access control systems and secure the otherwise unprotected openings.

With this integration, the users can now deploy a new Synergis system that effortlessly bridges the traditional access control hardware with wireless lock technology. Existing Aperio customers will be able to migrate to an IP access control solution while maintaining their existing investment in Aperio hardware. As the needs of organizations grows, Synergis enables hundreds or thousands of locks to be networked within a single security application, simplifying centralized wireless lock monitoring and reporting across one or multiple sites.

Jimmy Palatsoukas, Senior Manager, Product Marketing, Genetec, says, “With the partnership with ASSA ABLOY and the integration of Aperio technology, dealers and customers will have more options when designing their physical security system.”

Customers will be able to configure and monitor wireless locks, together with their wired IP-based door controllers, from a single application. When Synergis and Aperio-enabled locks are deployed along with the Genetec video surveillance products, users can view all their lock events and activities easily which will be linked with live or recorded video, thus giving security professionals a more complete view of their organization’s security.”

Martin Huddart, President, Access and Egress Hardware Group, ASSA ABLOY Americas, said, “The combination of Aperio-enabled locks with the Genetec Synergis platform will offer our customers globally, a flexible solution that will allow them to expand their access control system to almost every opening in their facility. The breadth of the Aperio platform provides the ability to address applications never before possible, such as medical supply cabinets and IT/server cabinets.”

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