GenSight to Assist G&W Laboratories with Product Portfolio Management Solutions

By CIOReview | Tuesday, May 17, 2016
Michael Menard, Co-Founder & President, North America, GenSight

Michael Menard, Co-Founder & President, North America, GenSight

FREMONT, CA: Portfolio selection is not an event. It's a process. The implementation of effective enterprise portfolio management solution helps organizations to shorten timelines, which further facilitates running businesses more efficaciously. But, still senior managers fail to make appropriate decisions in prioritizing and selecting the portfolio of projects that contribute the greatest value to their strategic goals. GenSight, a provider of integrated software or new product and project portfolio management, offers a comprehensive solution that provides companies a systematic approach to strategic choice. “We have developed a methodology and software solution that helps organizations to prioritize and select the portfolio of projects that maximizes strategic goals within their resource constrains,” says Michael Menard, Co-founder& President, North America, GenSight.

The company has recently announced that it has been selected by G&W laboratories, a pharmaceutical product manufacturer, to integrate portfolio management and project management through advanced technology. With the help of GenSight’s solution, G&W Laboratories will be able to seamlessly integrate and configure its business processes and data sources. Alongside, GenSight will also help G&W to enhance their Research and Development (R&D) while optimizing resource allocation in the portfolio. Menard explains, “Without a strategy for change, culture will prevail, and culture is process and change adverse. We work with our customers to accelerate user adoption by identifying obstacles to change, communicating the case for change and developing new behavior reinforcement strategies to engrain the business process and software into the DNA of the organization with the least human disruption.”