Genuitec Streamlines Eclipse to Power-up Coding Experience for Developers

By CIOReview | Friday, August 7, 2015

FREMONT, CA: Genuitec, provider of Eclipse open source has announced the availability of Webclipse (web + eclipse), that comes loaded with features that are aimed to cover many missing pieces of Eclipse for Web development, thereby, improving the modern coding experience. The key features of Webclipse include:

Hot Reload:  Java EE developers have to waste countless hours waiting to redeploy or restart their application servers after making class changes. But with Hot Reload, developers can view changes instantly in the deployment. It is available in both normal and debugs modes and is compatible on Tomcat and WebLogic servers. 

JavaScript Debug: Provides integrated and reliable JavaScript debugging inside Eclipse. With the JavaScript Debugger, JavaEE applications launched from Eclipse are rendered in the Google Chrome browser for effortless debugging using the standard Eclipse Debugger interface It also supports Node.js with debugging of Node applications.

REST Inspect: Webclipse provides an easy way to develop RESTful web services in Eclipse with REST Inspect. It allows discovering, creating and testing endpoints and saving endpoints with different parameters that are to be used as test data.

Developer Power-ups: The Webclipse provides power-ups to improve the coding experience for web developers.

The first two power-ups being introduced are the Minimap and Project Explorer+. The Minimap provides a condensed view of the entire file. From this view, developers can quickly jump to a specific section of source code, allowing y better navigation of long source code files.  The Project Explorer+ provides rapid navigation of files in workspace including quick searching for text speeding up your coding experience.

"The ability of developers to easily create JavaScript content anywhere in their stack is becoming increasingly important for web developers. Webclipse support for node.js and advanced web technology provides an interesting new addition to this growing market," says Mike Milinkovich, Executive Director, Eclipse Foundation.