Geotab Initiates New Telematics Customer Support Service

By CIOReview | Monday, April 25, 2016
Neil Cawse, CEO, Geotab

Neil Cawse, CEO, Geotab

FREMONT, CA: Telematics service provider, Geotab recently unveiled new personalized customer support services for its telematics solution. The package includes one-on-one training, device staging, dashboard configuration and custom reports and provides a unique code to every customer.

“At Geotab, we are firm believers that customer service doesn’t end with simply addressing customer requests – rather, it also involves providing education, building engagement, and fostering personal relationships,” says Neil Cawse.

The new offering includes four options for customer support services to benefit Geotab resellers and their customers:

Complimentary: Geotab hasn’t changed its strategy about complimentary services and the company will continue to provide a range of core support services for free. It will deliver free of charge Online Support Resources, Customer Feedback Surveys, Tier 3 Support via the MyAdmin portal, as well as regular Training Webinars for Partners, Resellers and Customers services.

Standard: The Company has introduced standard support services to supplement the existing sales structures of Geotab resellers. It has decided to upgrade Help Desk and Training & Onboarding programs with Live Chat and Web Form communication, Regimented Service Targets, and Multi-language Support, along with personalized consultation and training by a Customer Experience Specialist.

Premium: Geotab has come up with a new premium package to offer personalized, full-service customer care support, differentiated by 1-800 numbers. The package includes personalized greeting and email communication; extended hours of operation; and enhanced language support; plus additional personalized training sessions, and turnkey dashboard configuration.

Add-on Services: The company is also offering a range of additional unique services including Device Labeling and Device and Accessory Kit Assembly, Geotab Drive and HOS tablet configuration, along with training sessions and custom reports.

“We are dedicated to helping customers get the most they can out of the customer support experience, and on an ongoing basis, so that they come away with a thorough understanding of a product’s full capabilities for optimal fleet management,” adds Cawse.