Gerber Announces the Release of 'Paragon HX Cutting System' and other Integrated Digital Solutions

By CIOReview | Wednesday, September 30, 2015

TOLLAND, CT: Gerber Technology, providing integrated software and automation solutions for apparel and industrial customers rolls out the new ‘Paragon HX Cutting System’, the latest digital technology in apparel cutting.

The cutting system offers head modifications for reduced noise and a dual drill system for increased speed and accuracy, in addition to the enhanced user experience and better throughput. By scanning a barcode, all the parameters relevant to that job are retrieved, eliminating the time to search for related files and details. Certain new technologies like brushless motors, distributed controls and sharpening stones with extended life are part of the cutting system.

Besides the HX configuration, HX-A configuration is available that best suits the automotive industry, HX-L configuration is designed for lingerie and other delicate applications. It is capable of cutting apparels up to 7.2 cm of compressed material.

Gerber also implements an integrated digital solution that facilitates material utilization, labor efficiency and cost, data management and reduced time-to-market. The digital solution incorporates, ‘YuniquePLM’, product lifecycle management software and ‘Accumark 10’; which integrates pattern design, grading, marker making and production planning software.

AccuMark 3D visualization technology, an optional module for AccuMark 10; incorporates ‘Blender’, 3D graphics and animation technology. The module offers modeling, texturing, lighting and simulation capabilities making it an ideal Open Source 3D graphics application. The capability of sharing files with YuniquePLM software is included to enhance collaboration, reducing time and cost in design, sample making and merchandising phases.

AccuMark also provides foresight to the pattern maker on how well the pattern suits the design, visualizes fit and comfort level to assist designers; without actually making the garment.