Gerber eSTORE: A New Online Store for Apparel and Industrial Manufacturers

By CIOReview | Friday, February 19, 2016

FREMONT, CA: Gerber Technology, the leading provider of integrated software and automation solutions for the apparel and industrial markets, has introduced the Gerber eSTORE. The new e-commerce site has been designed with a focus on shortening the ordering time by introducing a wide array of intuitive navigation techniques and product visualization styles. These changes will ensure a user-friendly experience for online shoppers who will be smoothly directed to the products they are looking for.

The site is very photo-intensive site that doesn’t require users to have all the technical details to find the products and services they need. The advanced search functionality on the website offers an advanced filtering that helps the users in streamlining their search options while looking for the exact part for their Gerber equipment.

The new e-commerce website has incorporated an innovative navigation feature that can use any element or word of the product description to come up with product suggestions that include predictive suggestions for commonly searched products and services as well. For instance, the search process enables a user to navigate from the overview term ‘cutter’ to the component and then to the required specific part  without losing time on unnecessary search options. “The new navigation walks you through the process, rather than expecting you to be intimately familiar with the equipment,” says Jeremy Beck, Gerber’s global product manager, Aftermarket.

The Gerber e-store caters to the industrial customers by offering genuine parts and other consumables for existing Gerber systems. The replacement parts include Gerber cutters, spreaders and plotters.