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Gerber's Digital Solution Unleashes the Secret of Mass Production

By CIOReview | Tuesday, May 10, 2016
Mike Elia, CEO of Gerber Technology

Mike Elia, CEO of Gerber Technology

TOLLAND, CT: Gerber Technology, the global integrated software and automation solution vendor for the apparel and industrial markets, recently demonstrated its Digital Solution at Texprocess Americas show in Atlanta. The solution will assist companies to integrate their software and smart machines and form an end-to-end solution that will help overcome workflow challenges of seamless mass production and mass customization.

Due to increasing competition among web based shopping outlets, consumers are looking for more and more innovative designs, patterns and options for their clothing. This has made manufacturers run their business under constant pressure to design and produce their products faster and more efficiently, ensuring on-time delivery at correct price. In order to help companies untangle the workflow challenges around interacting with multiple sections of people and processes, Gerber Technology builds the integration required to connect with the customers’ businesses.

“Regardless, if you're producing 10,000 shirts a day or personalizing dresses, the key to success is a digitized network that allows to move information throughout supply chain down to the equipment level and back,” said Mike Elia, CEO of Gerber Technology. “Integrating the flow of data and leveraging IoT technology provides companies with the valuable insight they need to remain agile and optimize their supply chain.” Additionally, Gerber's Digital Solution is centered on its product lifecycle management software YuniquePLM that serves as a central repository of critical data. It helps organizations synchronize the product line and financial plans, and maximize productivity of their design and development teams. YuniquePLM enables designers to sketch out plans for colors and patterns for the upcoming season and allow them to share information early in the development process.

YuniquePLM also transfers the data into Gerber's intelligent pattern design, grading, marker making and production planning software AccuMark and AccuPlan, which enables global teams to collaborate in a virtual environment. Once the design is finalized, the data from the design files are run through AccuPlan to generate a marker and optimize material utilization. Ultimately, Gerber's closed-loop digitized network makes it possible for apparel manufacturers to transfer data from the design room to smart machines for executing print-to-cut, completed made-to-measure and matching operations.

Gerber showcasing its digital solution at the Texprocess Americas show will help companies better understand and streamline their production process.