Gerber Technology's Addresses Client's Challenges with New YuniquePLM V6.1

By CIOReview | Monday, July 20, 2015

New York, NY: Gerber Technology, an integrated software and hardware solutions provider for the apparel and industrial markets has introduced the updated version of its web-based product lifecycle management (PLM) software. The latest YuniquePLM V6.1 software further improves collaboration along the supply chain and accelerates time to market. The software has been updated to bring ease in designing using 3D, and then leveraging those digital assets throughout the value chain.

YuniquePLM software helps the fashion and apparel industries to communicate effectively, while accelerating workflows and eliminating errors. YuniquePLM V6.1 delivers more features as it generates and exports user-created product and line report views, and increases functionality within the 3D file support module. YuniquePLM V6.1 is an enhancement of its 6.0 version, introduced last fall.

Brands and retailers face continuous challenges of having to accelerate their time to market and improve margins, while also collaborating effectively within the supply chain. YuniquePLM V6.1 assists customers to meet the accelerated pace of today’s fast fashion environment. It has also been equipped with added data management, file sharing and reporting enhancements to this latest YuniquePLM product, based on the input of their customers.

In addition to reporting and 3D file support upgrades, YuniquePLM V6.1 incorporates more than 50 user interface enhancements. These enhancements are designed to further facilitate the connection between the design and production teams of apparel manufacturers with their supply chain, for time- and cost-efficient production flow. YuniquePLM V6.1 is designed to address the challenges encountered by businesses of all sizes, to accelerate time to market, reduce lead time and improve margins.

Among the features of YuniquePLM V6.1 are its user-generated report views which allow users to create their own unique product views based on selected images, data and fields, and then export the data for sharing and collaboration with other members of the company’s design, production and management staff, as well as with external partners and vendors.

Another feature is 3D sample or style support modules that are compatible with 3D printing technology and advanced CAD development software. the V6.1 software allow users to view, spin, zoom and pan 3D CAD files within a garment style and sample, and annotate the files with comments. This includes support for the recently released AccuMark 3D files. The files are stored in one location and are accessible either internally or through the YuniquePLM srmOn vendor portals.

Interface enhancements of V6.1 features a range of enhancements and improvements, including advanced saved search capabilities, increased flexibility in the creation of color or swatches, enhanced measurement functionality and innovative administration controls.