GE's Digital Energy Launches Risk Management Software for Transformer Outages
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GE's Digital Energy Launches Risk Management Software for Transformer Outages

By CIOReview | Monday, February 17, 2014

FREMONT, CA: Digital Energy, a division of General Electric enterprise solutions has announced the latest version of its perception fleet risk management software, to help utility companies manage transformer fleets. It is a smart, simplified and standards-based data analysis package providing data to the utility operators.

With this software, companies can better understand the budget requirements to make the maintenance program of the perception fleet cost effective. The software also helps them in maintaining focus on the capital expenditures in building a healthy fleet, thereby reducing operating expenses. Perception fleet can evaluate and provide an overall fleet condition diagnosis by evaluating individual transformers.

Utility experts are provided with tools required to independently analyze and assess individual transformer conditions. Perception fleet allows data exchange and integration with other systems such as SCADA, EMS, DMS, Historian and AM. Applications that support CSV file exchange can easily interface with perception fleet, helping data to be exchanged within applications.

“Transformer operators have long depended on software solutions to document critical data from their transformer fleets. That raw data would then need to be processed and interpreted by industry experts to produce meaningful and measurable results. Our new perception fleet software gives operators a tool to assess, with a single metric, the overall risk to their transformer fleet and how it changes over time, allowing them to prioritize their capital expenditures and operations and maintenance investments for the most impact,” says Simon Phillips, general manager, monitoring & diagnostics, GE’s Digital Energy business.

GE’s Perception Fleet contains new dashboard overview that provides simplified critical transformer information and an overview of the entire transformer fleet in a clean display detailing fleets condition including the health of individual transformers. The software can deliver email notifications with critical transformer data to technical advisors soon after an alarm is generated. Once the problem is diagnosed, a utility company can diagnose a transformer condition and recommend a course of action reducing the downtime process.