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Get Top Results with Machine Learning

By CIOReview | Friday, June 28, 2019

The world of marketing is changing and what grabs the attention is the developing design and creativity that comes along with it. Along with it, new interactive methods of creating and producing content are being introduced daily, and different techniques are used behind the scenes to enhance marketing results for companies.

FREMONT, CA: Machine learning engages predictive and prescriptive methods of data analysis to verify patterns and distinguish behaviors. The data collected and utilized for marketing purposes are accessible to marketers, but with the growing figures, many marketing teams and their techniques do not advance at the same speed.

A vast amount of time is spent on processing and enriching data, predicting customer action, and personalizing content by studying the calculations in marketing using machine learning. By performing such functions, it helps the marketers to concentrate on the exact content, customer expedition, and accordingly arrange the digital campaigns.

Dealing with Data:

An investigative model is only as good as the data underneath it, and generally, customer and marketing data are seen incomplete. With the help of tree-based models of machine learning, such as gradient boosting machines (GBM) or random forest (RF) models, companies can forecast and impute figures along with product and price data better than any other method. Models that perform using machine learning go through data, identify patterns and behaviors, and attribute values in an automated and précised manner. Furthermore, a complete set of data provides an analytical model that fits better on customer conversion, restoration, and attrition.

Forecasting with ML:

The use of traditional generalized linear models (GLMs) confined the operations to predict renewal well but lack in accurately predicting the customer’s specific product choice when it goes over one renewal product option. By utilizing GBMs, companies can precisely predict the client’s preferences after a renewal as well as help in analyzing the product volumes and related variables in an exact manner. In marketing, it is essential to have the ability to foresee and make product choices and volumes in a fruitful strategy.

Customization with ML:

Personalization focuses on modifying a product or service offered, at times, considering the individual customer level. Customization required larger customer data sets, and the traditional GLMs can lack in operation on that status, it is the new technological advances that have come to the rescue. Technologies like open source model creation and coding platforms, automated model creation platforms, and scripting tools are being utilized to include more scale, mechanization, and precision to match the potential and customer satisfaction.