GetResponse Offers Latest Web Form Design Capabilities with Professionally Designed templates

By CIOReview | Friday, August 14, 2015

WILMINGTON, DE: GetResponse, a provider of email marketing platform, introduces new web form design capabilities aiding serving marketers and designers with various skills and levels of advancement. The new tool enables users without any coding knowledge to create fully functioning web forms.

The latest web form builder comprises of over 500 professionally designed templates and host of categories including subscription forms, content download forms, event registration, online training sign-up and more. The release includes innovative tools for web form design and a portfolio of web form types designed for specific conversion purposes. Users with coding skills can use built-in plain-HTML editing tool to generate ready-to-go form input fields that can be coded to add subscribers to specific campaigns.

 GetResponse’s new offering features Website Color Magic that can detect the exact color used on a website and automatically matches those colors to web form. This enables quick customization of web forms. Preview option helps user to fine tune the form as required. The JavaScript code automatically updates the hosting site to include design changes executed in the web form builder.

The web form builder is lined up with host of web forms to meet different needs depending on the goals. It also includes A/B testing option. The user can design two forms and link them for A/B test. The system serves up the versions alternately, records the conversions history of each, and displays a comparison of performance results.

“In email marketing, list building is the name of the game,” says Simon Grabowski, Founder and CEO, GetResponse. “Our goal was to provide a variety of tools to make subscriber acquisition easy, effective and fun. We think our users will be impressed.”