GetWireless Expands its Inventory of IoT Products
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GetWireless Expands its Inventory of IoT Products

By CIOReview | Thursday, August 22, 2019

A complete portfolio of Peplink Pepwave FirstNet Ready products is released that will enable public safety agencies to deploy safe and reliable wireless solutions.

FREMONT, CA: GetWireless, a major value-added IoT solutions distributor, continues to expand its IoT portfolio through its long-term interactions with significant producers in the industry. Peplink is one of these industry leaders, and its current extended collection introduces nine new products that will grow the company’s footprint in the arena of public safety. Together with the other LTE bands running on the significant business networks, these raw products, ranging from single-LTE to quad-LTE variants, are FirstNet prepared and promote Band 14.

With SpeedFusion technology, multi-cellular models can aggregate and bond multi-mobile carrier information throughput for any implementation, such as incident command messages, fast deployment systems, or any location where connectivity saves a life.

FirstNet is a new dedicated, high-speed wireless LTE network constructed by AT&T in collaboration with the First Responder Network Authority for government security. It was designed to avoid first responders’ communication difficulties during 9/11 and other emergency and catastrophe conditions. FirstNet service is provided through the AT&T network as a priority service.

According to the First Responder Network Authority, when there is robust wireless connectivity for public safety staff in the sector that is guaranteed through network priority and pre-emption, they can react more rapidly and efficiently. It ensures that organizations for public safety and first responders receive data quicker and in emergency cases can make the best choices.

FirstNet Ready products and technology from Peplink bring several essential advantages for mobile deployments, including seamless failover to commercial LTE, bandwidth bonding, traffic steering, and data security.

As a cellular solution value-added distributor connecting the Internet of Things (IoT) devices, GetWireless is prepared to provide the most beneficial mobile solution for each current IoT implementation by promoting a robust portfolio of integrated modules, end-device modems, smart gateways, and cellular boosters.

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