GIGABYTE Expands its Line of Server Motherboards Using Intel Xeon Processors
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GIGABYTE Expands its Line of Server Motherboards Using Intel Xeon Processors

By CIOReview | Wednesday, January 13, 2016

FREMONT, CA: GIGABYTE Technology, a provider of high performance server hardware, launches a line of server motherboards based on Intel Xeon D-1500 processors, for low power and high density server applications.

GIGABYTE’s new line of server motherboards includes four models of Mini-ITX boards with various SKUs of the Intel Xeon processors and different networking solutions. Intel Xeon processor D family offers new options for infrastructure optimization, by bringing performance and intelligence of Xeon processors into a low power system-on-a-chip. These processors focus on high power efficiency while maintaining data center grade features reducing the total cost of server, storage and networking applications.

The Xeon processors allow users to extend network function virtualization to network edge and supports Intel x86 64-bit software for scalable performance. Xeon’s storage extensions enable cost effective storage solutions through integrated technologies and simplify data management.

GABYTE’s MB10-DS4 server motherboard uses Intel Xeon D-1521 processor; MB10-DS3 and MB10-DS0 use Xeon D-1541 processor while MB10-DS1 runs on Xeon D-1521.

With the mini-ITX form factor, the four new motherboard servers offer 6 times SATA III 6Gb/s ports, integrated BIOS (basic input/output system) update utility, remote management functions via IPMI 2.0 web interface and iKVM features in common. Additionally, the motherboards provide up to 128GB of ECC DDR4 memory at 2133MHz with dual 10GbE SFP, LAN and dual GbE LAN ports.