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GigaSpaces Trumpets InsightEdge Portfolio, Latest Analytics Platform for Digital Transformation

By CIOReview | Friday, December 18, 2020

GigaSpaces takes a giant leap by rebranding and streamlining its multitude of Analytics solutions into three unified platforms InsightEdge Portfolio can be used individually or together.

FREMONT, CA: GigaSpaces announces its InsightEdge portfolio, a new suite of in-memory computing platforms developed to drive enterprise digital transformation with unmatched speed, performance, and scale. Coupled with AIOps functionality, GigaSpaces offers the easiest to implement, and manage, portfolio of software platforms that meet the daunting enterprise data and analytics processing requirements. As more firms launch new digital services to thrive in today's digital economy, they can drastically reduce time-to-market, ensure rapid application response times and the highest performance levels, with lower total-cost-of-ownership.

GigaSpaces comprehensive InsightEdge portfolio includes InsightEdge Smart Cache, the fastest, most scalable distributed caching tier on any operational data source, designed to boost digital applications and fuel real-time reporting and BI. Smart Cache is streamlined for changing data and multi-criteria queries and is fully SQL compatible.  Secondly, InsightEdge Smart ODS, a distributed in-memory Digital Integration Hub with unmatched low-latency, high-performance, and scale aggregates and offloads from several back-end systems of record and data stores on-premise and on the cloud. Smart ODS offers the agility to launch new digital applications and the potential to implement real-time analytics and BI.  InsightEdge Smart Augmented Transactions, an in-memory translytical platform that combines streaming, real-time transactional, and analytical processing for instant insights and closed-loop decision making.

Enterprises are boosting their digital transformation initiatives as they move to online services, migrate to the cloud, introduce operational BI, and launch new data-driven applications. The new InsightEdge portfolio redefines in-memory computing by combining the needed extreme performance speed and scale with the easiest to deploy and manage platforms across on-premise, cloud, hybrid, and multi-cloud environments to support our customers' requirements - today, tomorrow, and into the future. The expanded GigaSpaces platform is powered by a combination of smart and autonomous data operations and management potentials, including one-click integrations with on-premise and cloud operational data, data modeling, business-policy data tiering, and dynamic scaling.

Unparalleled performance, speed, and scale - Low latency, high-throughput transactional processing accelerates applications, analytics, and operational BI. The platforms are driven by distributed in-memory rate, colocation of business logic and data in memory, secondary indexing, and server-side aggregations.