Giridium Comes Up With Cloud-Based Software To Gauge Building Efficiency
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Giridium Comes Up With Cloud-Based Software To Gauge Building Efficiency

By CIOReview | Tuesday, January 28, 2014

San Francisco,CA: Giridium, a startup based in energy management technology has come up with cloud-based software to increase building efficiency. Dubbed as ‘RCx’, the software employs the analysis of meter data. The cost of RCx ranges from hundreds of dollars per building and this application can reduce energy usage by 20 to 30 percent by making operational changes, such as reducing equipment run times.

Accompanied by cost efficiency of the product, the makers claim it to be better suited for the bulk of the market which is smaller buildings, reports Martin LaMonica for Greentechmedia.This application is designed to identify simple to implement measures in building management systems. It recommends steps to increase energy efficiency of the buildings by analyzing smart meter data and a ZIP code. This results in insights without the burden of manual data and its complexities. Hence, the traditional method of sending an engineer on site to perform the energy audit may just end with implementation of this software.

How RCx software essentially works is through comparing the actual readings of power usage to standard levels. It scrutinizes 15 minute interval meter data from several buildings and suggests various steps to fine-tune building management systems.

 “We want to focus on the really simple stuff. We’re not using a physical model of the building or statistical model. We can instantly generate insights without the burden of (manual) data collection or the complexity understanding how accurate it is,” says Tom Arnold, CEO and co-founder.

The software featuring in the DistribuTech Conference appears to demonstrate how cloud-based analytics can have real impact on commercial building efficiency.

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