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Givsum Collaborates with OC4 Venture Studio and SteelBridge Labs

By CIOReview | Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Givsum, Inc. has announced its collaboration with two prominent start-up accelerators, OC4 Venture Studio and SteelBridge Labs, as a portfolio organization

FREMONT, CA: Givsum, Inc., an online management platform that allows charitable companies to integrate their operations, fundraising campaigns, and an active community of supporters, all in a centralized place, has announced partnering with two prominent start-up accelerators, OC4 Venture Studio and SteelBridge Labs. Givsum was named the official virtual ticket and sponsorships provider for Oceana's critical annual events and collaborated with the largest Rotary Clubs in Southern California to influence their fundraising campaigns and operations.

According to Shawn Wehan, Co-founder and CEO of Givsum, Inc., "Givsum was founded to help community leaders modernize their operations and amplify their impact through a simple, integrated technology platform. We are incredibly grateful to be receiving support from OC4 and SteelBridge, which will enable us to grow the company into a global platform, while helping charitable organizations achieve their worthwhile missions more efficiently."

SteelBridge Labs and OC4 Venture Studio offer ongoing coaching from their teams of experienced start-up founders, investors, and consultants as part of their investments in Givsum. Givsum will even receive access to SteelBridge Labs' managed development services, including sales guidance, operations support, and product strategy.

"We chose to invest in Givsum because of their innovative approach to the philanthropic space," said James Haluszczak, co-founder and managing partner of SteelBridge Labs. "The Givsum team has been tenacious in their pursuit of building a modern, end-to-end tool that allows charitable organizations to quickly and easily deploy giving campaigns. Their enterprise distribution approach and financial wellness objectives align well with our portfolio."

Oceana is a nonprofit company devoted to protecting and restoring the world's oceans. It is utilizing Givsum to power the virtual ticket and sponsorship transactions for its 2020 Global Forum and 2020 New York Virtual Gala. It will feature Michael Bloomberg, President Bill Clinton, Leonardo DiCaprio, and many others. The visitors to Oceana's event page can even purchase virtual tickets, make donations, and become event sponsors with just a few clicks.