Global Arena Holding Corporation Deploys GAHI to Acquire Blockchain Technology of Bitcoin

By CIOReview | Tuesday, June 30, 2015

NEW YORK, NY: An enterprise financial services company, Global Arena Holding Corporation (GAHC) has incorporated GAHI Acquisition Corporation a new owned subsidiary in the State of Delaware. This was deployed to acquire Blockchain Technologies Corporation as merger subsidiary.

Blockchain Technologies Corporation (BTC) is a Holding and Investment Company featuring many startup companies benefitted by Blockchain technology of bitcoin digital currency. BTC has signed an accord; under that GAHI Acquisition Corporation will be the surviving enterprise name after merging with BTC. Bitcoin digital currency is mathematics based currency which are not in printed form and mined as virtual currency with distributed computing network. The provisional patent upon Bitcoin Blockchain technology include creation and utilization of self-actuating and other data, supporting and securing electronic voting, retail affinity tokens and invention of an internet browser supporting a user affinity program.

Nick Spanos, CEO and Chairman of BTC say that GAHC will enable BTC to empower developers with a publicly traded stock and establish partnership with BTC. Blockchain Technologies Corporation holds many startups which will be subsequently owned by GAHC like Slidechain LLC and Digital Asset Vending that develop bitcoin ATM, as well as Cryptos which offer digital currency platform and Overseas BC Marketing which enables online web-based waging services.

Following the merger terms, GAHC will reserve huge amount of shares issued to BTC shareholders. GAHC will gain more than 1.25 Mn U.S. dollars from GAHI Acquisition Corporation and this amount will be used for development of Blockchain business and technologies and repayment of debts.