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Global CIO Community Ignites Collaborations to Accelerate Shared Problem Solving

By CIOReview | Tuesday, September 8, 2020

CIONET enters into US and Canada at a critical time and opens new opportunities for modern-day CIO, CDO, and CTO leaders, allowing them to accelerate problem-solving.

FREMONT, CA: CIONET, the global community of senior digital and IT executives across the globe, announces its entry into the US and Canada. Over the last 14 years, CIONET has become the forerunning global community of digital and IT leaders with CIOs, CTOs, CDOs across Europe, Latin America, and Australia.

With its global community, platform, and exclusive TRIBES offering, CIONET reimagines the interactions CIOs have with one another and their teams. The unique peer-to-peer model opens new avenues for CIO, CDO, and CTO leaders, letting them accelerate problem-solving collaboratively. The organization engages the community locally, nationally, and internationally, connecting digital and IT leaders with shared roadblocks, best practices, lessons, investment strategies, and ideas to support them and their respective firms become more successful, thus realizing their aims.

CIONET ‘s goal is to grow its global network so digital and IT leaders can do more than merely keeping pace with change. Ultimately, they will become change-makers, defining, and successfully heading their organizations into the future.

CIONET membership is by invitation and complimentary to qualified ones. Members have instant access to CIONETs full member base through an app, exclusive conferences, global awards, publications, webinars, and research to unearth insights, engage in thought-provoking conversations, benefit from expert perspectives, and exclusive first-hand content. By harnessing the technological platform, CIONET makes sure that member hurdles and solutions find each other in the community within minutes.

 Members looking to accelerate their problem solving can also access CIONET TRIBES, a fast-cycle, problem-remediating program delivering systematic knowledge sharing in a trusted network of peers. TRIBES consist of 10 non-competing, local firms committed to collaborating on technology and transformation challenges. TRIBES is a closed-door, pragmatic effort suggested by the C-suite and executive within their respective organizations.

With the biggest digital and IT, expenditure worldwide CIONET  estimates the US and Canada to have more than 110,000 active and engaged digital and IT leaders. Adding them to the global CIONET community will boost the collective knowledge even further. With the current pandemic, there has never been a time when so many digital and IT leaders are tackling the same challenges at the same time.