Global Risk Technologies Partners Quattro Processing for Fraud Management of Payments

By CIOReview | Friday, September 25, 2015

ATLANTA, GA: Global Risk Technologies, provider of prevention services has entered into a strategic alliance with Quattro Processing, provider of card payments processing technology. This alliance will address fraud and chargeback exposure for issuers and merchants.

Global Risk Technologies will now incorporate Quattro’s fraud management technology, which will not only eliminate existing fraud but also identify upcoming fraudulent trends. Quattro’s risk and fraud management system uses state of the art network solutions to resolve fraud alerts and enhanced analytic programs that map trends and design custom rules. It consists of EnterpriseShield and DisputeManager as two of its solutions for fraud management.

The joint offering provides no chargeback guarantee and reconciliation, order review and fraud alerts which help in maintaining the reputation of merchants and aides viable score matrix for issuers. This is a suitable offering for Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) and other service providers in the payment industry.

"We have always respected Quatrro, specifically their management team, tools, and philosophy. Our partnership will provide a much needed, comprehensive package to help not only diagnose, but treat the symptoms and origins of payment fraud; specifically focused on the  U.S. card-not-present activity.  Much of the friction we are currently seeing as fraud claims grow can be directly related to industry overwhelm due to lacking infrastructure and merchant acumen, " says Gary T. Cardone, CEO, Global Risk Technologies.