GlobalSCAPE Updates EFT Cloud Solutions for File Transfer Security

By CIOReview | Thursday, October 1, 2015

SAN ANTONIO, TX: Software developing company GlobalSCAPE releases new version for Enhanced File Transfer (EFT) Cloud Services. The new EFT Cloud Services showcases some novel improvements in design along with more enhanced security for file exchange and collaboration.  Being a provider of secure managed file transfer solution in both hybrid cloud and virtual environment, it also brings down the costs incurred in maintenance and infrastructure by eliminating large capital expenditures, providing options for pay as you go and rapid deployment services with scalable process and storage capabilities.

EFT Cloud services works with a number  of host providers which include Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Rackspace. Other features and security capabilities include a 24x7 intrusion detection and antivirus protection with full time active port monitoring. It also has high availability of redundant failover capabilities. The system boasts of a fully managed firewall infrastructure and extensive options for secure transport protocols. Also adding an event-based automation and self service admin web portal.

Senior Director of Enterprise Solutions at Globalscape, Kevin Green explains the technical workframe, "Enterprises of all sizes are seeking secure information exchange solutions that provide rapid deployment and 'always on' uptime that are signature benefits for the cloud, while still maintaining robust security controls to protect their data.