Globe Tracker International,TransVoyant to Provide Real-time Data for Improving Supply Chain Efficiency

By CIOReview | Friday, October 30, 2015

FREMONT, CA: Globe Tracker International (GTI), a provider of asset tracking, management, and monitoring solutions, partners with TransVoyant, an Information Technology and Services company to offer GTI's customers with advanced predictive analytics for improving supply chain efficiency and visibility.

According to the deal, TransVoyant’s Continuous Decision Intelligence Platform (CDI) will be added to Globe Tracker's Smart Autonomous Asset Network to derive data for mitigating risk, empowering proactive disruption response, and forecasting with high accuracy the arrival of shipments via land, sea and air anywhere in the world.

Today’s managers make decisions using only historical views of data contained in BI reports and dashboards that are typically restricted to just what is going on within their four wall. TransVoyant Continuous Decision Intelligence is a powerful global control tower that gives decision-makers a panoramic view of operations across the enterprise and across the world in real-time and in future-time. It puts the power of global live data and advanced analytics on globally occurring live and predicted events ranging from forecasted natural disasters and transit disruptions to trending social media and real-time global health emergencies, into the hands of decision makers in order to help people make better decisions.

By determining its global location and collecting data for its private local area network of peripherals, sensors, door seals and reefer control units, each GT communications unit sends all the acquired information to the asset owner’s private SAAN interface on the owner’s server. The owner’s South Asian Awareness Network (SAAN)interface deposits the data in a private database on the owner’s server network which then becomes available to the customer’s legacy software applications and to the Globe Tracker SAAN Graphical User Interface (GUI).The asset data in historical map and table formats and offers a number of time based analytics such as dwell time, sensor plots, door open / closed, load status, and estimated arrival time.

"By integrating the data received from Globe Tracker devices and sensors into the CDI Platform, our live and predictive analytics engine will provide customers with a more proactive, leaner and efficient way to get in front of risks and opportunities in supply chains, which ultimately translates to a better bottom line," says Tyson Leal, Manager Director, TransVoyant.