GlobeRanger Unveils Cognitive Location Processing Technology for Better Asset Location
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GlobeRanger Unveils Cognitive Location Processing Technology for Better Asset Location

By CIOReview | Friday, May 30, 2014

Orlando, FL: GlobeRanger, a provider of end-to-end enterprise edge solutions and professional services to support RFID, mobility, and sensor-based solutions, has introduced its Cognitive Location Processing (CLP) technology to complement the latest version of GlobeRanger’s iMotion platform. CLP is a number of unique and innovative algorithms designed to establish a reliable asset location based on a collection of data points and process contexts. The announcement was made at the industry tradeshow RFID Journal .

Traditional fixed antenna RFID systems are achieving remarkable results, and new, industry-changing passive RTLS systems have added a new dimension of location awareness. Cognitive Location Processing takes these advances a step further when tags are in motion or the physical environment is less than ideal.

Cognitive Location Processing is GlobeRanger's solution to determining what's happening in the physical world when faced with uncertain sensory input. It does this by combining four key principles in the CLP: sensor input from multiple sources (many RFID readers, microwave emitters, motion sensors, etc.); awareness or context (business process); memory of past events; intelligent smoothing.

When these factors are combined into the CLP, several key benefits are realized: “jitter” or bounce that is common in passive RFID is removed; tagged assets associated to logical read “zones” or areas are more reliable; transition of assets between zones are more consistent and dependable; business events associated with the asset’s movement is more trustworthy.

GlobeRanger's CLP removes the physics challenges in RFID and aids in generating reliable business events that makes your business environment much more intelligent and your infrastructure investment yielding greater returns.

"We are very pleased to be introducing a technology that is absolutely instrumental in creating reliable business events from a chaotic physical environment in order to deliver quality solutions to our customers." said George Brody, GlobeRanger CEO.