Glue Networks Automates SD-WAN with Centralized Orchestration

By CIOReview | Monday, November 9, 2015

FREMONT CA: Considered to be the next breed of WAN optimization, SD-WAN industry is transforming communication networks with considerable advantages over other network configurations. Glue Networks, a provider of WAN solutions, releases Gluware 2.0 with a motive to support multi-vendor SD-WAN orchestration.

Gluware 2.0 being a powerful alternative has the ability to automatically spot and rectify configuration errors on real-time basis without over burdening network administrators. The proof of concept platform assures to deliver a network aware and customizable SD-WAN solution which extends seamless orchestration across Citrix Cloudbridge and Cisco IWAN along with routers, switches, WAN optimization, and controllers.

“CIOs need a way to prevent significant and costly network outages. The ability to detect and remediate configuration errors in near real-time can make the difference between the enterprise making or losing millions of dollars a day. As the market transitions to a more software defined and NFV world, the opportunity for manual or automated configuration errors and outages increases dramatically,” comments Jeff Gray, CEO and co-founder, Glue Networks.

Citrix and Cisco through Gluware 2.0 integration into their respective solutions intend to acknowledge its customers about the benefits of business agility in a multi-vendor environment to enhance customer choices.

As a vendor-agnostic platform, Gluware 2.0 brings down the work load of network engineers drastically by incorporating syntax and semantic rules for the command-line interface (CLI) thus eliminating the need for learning them. The single graphical user interface deployment, Gluware Control manages the multi-vendor devices to organize, control asset, track and manage life cycle of network appliances at remote sites or branches with a centralized organization option.

Security, compliance and control policies can be orchestrated under a single unified policy orchestration platform. Devices that are not supported in Gluware Control can be custom configured and extended to the respective platform with the aid of Gluware Lab.