Gocator 3109: New Addition to the Gocator Stereo Snapshot Sensors
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Gocator 3109: New Addition to the Gocator Stereo Snapshot Sensors

By CIOReview | Thursday, October 8, 2015

DELTA, BC: Perfect for robotic or stationary inspection systems, LMI Technologies, designer of 3D sensors and scanners for precision 3D scanning, has unveiled the Gocator 3109 3D Smart Snapshot Sensor to achieve full in-line inspection.

With the ability to deliver high-precision 3D point-cloud acquisition, measurement and control decision capabilities ina single device, it is the new addition to the Gocator 3100 series of compact, pre-calibrated, blue LED, stereo snapshot sensors, which helps in reducing maintenance costs and system.

“LMI saw a market need for an inspection system that could take measurements of multiple features in just one scan, and with a higher degree of operational simplicity than standard industry solutions. From listening to customer feedback, we developed the Gocator 3109 with the ability to acquire high-resolution, full-field scans quickly in order to inspect multiple features of parts with complete 3D visualization and execute accurate pass/fail control decisions,” comments Chi Ho Ng, Director Product Management at LMI Technologies on the new addition.

Topfeatures of the latest product includes its high-precision and ultra compact body, which makes it ideal fit for robotic arms, or for confined spaces, like measuring engine cylinders; wide field-of-view and flexible scanning capability, which delivers measurement of multiple features with a single 3D snapshot; it also communicates directly to PLCs/Robots, which leads to less use of hardware components and a small amount ofconfiguration details for setup and maintenance; it gives results quickly and there is no need for on-site calibration; and have easy-to-setup measurement tools.

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