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Gogue Performing Arts Center Deploys Pliant CrewCom Wireless Intercom System

By CIOReview | Tuesday, August 18, 2020

The Gogue selects Pilant Technologies as its ideal partner to deploy coms system, as Pilant’s with Pliant CrewCom wireless intercom system is able to provide a system that fit the theater’s exact requirements.

FREMONT, CA: Gogue Performing Arts Center pushes its boundaries with the Pliant Technologies’ CrewCom wireless intercom system, as the manufacturer joined the project mid-construction and was able to provide a system that fit the theater’s exact needs. During the establishment of The Jay and Susie Gogue Performing Arts Center at Auburn University, Taylor Dyleski, director of the production, was searching for a coms partner to implement and install an intercom remedy for the large indoor/outdoor space. The Gogue found a reliable partner and its ideal coms system with Pliant Technologies.

Pliant being a local manufacturer, their team came down to Gogue’s construction site to figure out how much product the center would need to build a dependable, full-coverage coms system. Not only does Pliant offered a solution that fits Gogue’s current needs, but it also set us up for future success with the potential to expand the system. Pliant’s CrewCom wireless intercom system for Gogue has a CrewCom Control Unit (CCU) located in an AV room outside of the theater connected to two Radio Transceivers (RTs): one is located in a dressing room, which offers coverage for the backstage, and the other is in the catwalk above the seating area, which covers the front of house area and the theater. The system also includes five four-volume Radio Packs (RPs).

Finding a solid intercom solution to implement in a theater setting with its thick concrete walls can be very challenging.  Most theaters struggle with horrible static and echoes with their intercom system, but with Pliant, those issues were nonexistent for Gogue. The audio quality is crystal-clear, and the system simply works really amazingly, according to Gogue center.

The center also appreciates the ease with which Pliant’s CrewCom wireless intercom system seamlessly integrates with The Gogue’s wired system. This is extremely important for those employees that are constantly running around to communicate with those who are on the wired system. It was important for Gogue to deploy a system with a small learning curve. Pliant’s CrewCom is extremely as they allow the center to know exactly how strong the connection is.