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Going all Mobile: Vital Ingredient for Business Success

By CIOReview | Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Businesses are going all mobile to revitalize their performance and productivity.

FREMONT: Mobile phones have become the most personal and powerful digital channel for people to interact with each other and directly. Nowadays, even business deals can be cracked via mobile phones. Users turn to their device in search of any information, online purchase and also for boosting productivity and others both at work and home. People usually prefer spending their time on their devices most of the time. This explosion in mobile has created a crowded market, heightening the competition for brands looking to engage with mobile users and win their loyalty for the long term. Engagement and retention are more important than user acquisition. The key to loyalty is engaging users with the right information at the right moments when the content is most valuable.

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Company administrators play an essential role in the success of a mobile marketing strategy by ensuring the purpose of the mobile app in the business mix well understood by everyone in the organization. Retention rates ensure how successful a company's mobile application strategy is. A study shows that mobile users want to engage with apps that enhance their everyday lives while respecting their privacy as well. Brands that do not have clear insight that connects all of the critical factors within user context, behavior, including location, patterns, and weather will face challenges. Applying this approach will enable brands to find precisely the right moment to engage with users, keeping the application relevant, and personalize communication for more luxurious user experience.

Building a mobile application strategy will need leveraging context to create unique customer experiences to ensure application and brand, which should stand in an oversaturated market. Mobile apps are a constant presence close to prospects and customers. Apps need to integrate with multiple platforms to simplify peoples' engagement. The messaging and content should be consistent across each of these channels for easy brand recognition. Mobile apps are transforming businesses, and consumer preferences as the modern generation live in a portable, and on-demand economy.     

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