Gone are the Days of Foreshadowing as SoftLayer Brings Transparency to the Foreground

By CIOReview | Monday, July 13, 2015

DALLAS, TX: SoftLayer, an IBM Company providing Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), lowers its prices across all service families. The price reduction decision is in addition to pricing and standard service changes that the company made earlier this year.

Combined, SoftLayer has reduced pricing on an average of 22 percent for bare metal servers, 51 percent for virtual servers, and up to 86 percent for RAM upgrades. Apart from these, they have also introduced a new, tiered RAM upgrade pricing model that lowers customers’ cost per gigabyte of RAM as they add more to their servers.

Bare metal servers now come with 20TB/month of outbound bandwidth and virtual servers with 5TB/month. Each server continues to come with unlimited inbound bandwidth, unlimited intra- and inter-data center bandwidth, and 24x7 support delivered via online chat or telephone, all at no additional charge.

Commenting on their plan, Francisco Romero, Chief Operating Officer for SoftLayer says “Other providers might have lower starting prices, but then the customer has to pay an additional fee for bandwidth, storage, support, and they tend to be based on an oversubscribed or over segmented infrastructure model. In the end the total bill comes out much higher. Their customers end up paying far more than they would at SoftLayer to get a fraction of the performance, reliability, and capacity that their workload demands.”

However, amidst the lowering of prices, the company also announced location-based pricing, where the company will uniquely price cloud services based on datacenter location.