Gonzaga University Employs EasyVista for Better Campus Services

By CIOReview | Wednesday, March 2, 2016

NEW YORK, NY: Gonzaga University that has been ranked as the 4th West Regional University by U.S. News and World Report selects EasyVista's service management solutions. The automation and self-service aspects of EasyVista's service management solutions has benefited Gonzaga University's students and faculty.

The wide variety of requests from students and faculty was a major concern for the university. A strong and supple Service Management and ITIL compliant solution could be the only savior for the university. Thus, the board memberswith a group of 30 experts, held a meeting for digging out the best suitable solution within budget. They eliminated ServiceNow from the list as it could not follow the RFP process and were considered to be "too belligerent" with the sales tactics. BMC and Cherwell were also considered, but they chose EasyVista's as it had ease-of-use and first class customer support.

EasyVista has recently come up with a new set of digital products which are designed to help higher education institutions and to interact with their faculty and students on multiple devices. Roger Cummings, Project Manager, Gonzaga University said "IoT is hitting us pretty hard these days," said. "Students used to show up with a laptop and cell phone and now it's a combination of X-Box, TV, printer, even their Nike shoes and their FitBit fitness tracker and wireless speakers are showing up on the network; upwards of eight devices are not uncommon on campus. We are thrilled to have the peace of mind that EasyVista brings by automating and managing these modern-day campus Service Management challenges."

With EasyVista up and running, Gonzaga is now benefited by multiple workflow automations, distance learning and purchasing processes. Now, the self service portal eradicates duplicate tasks related to service and saves a lot of time. It also increases the levels of data science and questionnaire feedback by providing a clear view about the management of resources and ticketing. Last but not the least, EasyVista delivers a greater transparency into Service Management enabling a more mature service organization.

Kevin Coppins, General Manager, Americas at EasyVista stated "Silicon Valley might be famous for birthing new technology, but it's the college campus that stretches and tests our tech mettle and Gonzaga University is a great example of an IT organization determined to go the extra mile for its students and faculty."