Good Technology Presents Enterprise Split Billing Solutions; Brings Clarity into BYOD

By CIOReview | Tuesday, August 25, 2015

SUNNYVALE, CA: There has always been a lingering concern surrounding over data service in BYOD devices.  The separation between businesses versus personal usage of data is still blurred with additive HR and tax issues. Bringing development into it, Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) provider Good Technology released two new capabilities around enterprise split billing solutions that alleviate the need for blind BYOD stipend or reimbursement programs.

The industry’s first EMM suite with data service combines robust mobile productivity apps with cellular data charges, policy control and analytics in a subscription based package. The solution helps companies overcome friction from BYOD and Corporate-Owned-Personally-Enabled (COPE) rollouts. It enables companies to boost enterprise agility by reducing liability, controlling expenses and lessening complexity.

Capitalizing on the technology, the organizations are focuses more on in-depth insight into business data usage. The standalone Good mobile analytics and reporting capability leverages detailed visibility into actual data usage on a per application basis. It will also enable administrators to avoid unplanned spikes in data charges by applying usage policy controls such as roaming detection. It covers cellular data usage by Good Work and Good Access with data charges included in the product license. Organizations will be able to avoid stipend reimbursement programs by including required data charges within licensed software or by enabling existing stipend programs to be optimized based on actual per-application data requirements.

The data service includes secure email, calendar, contacts, document viewing and Internet browsing through the Good Access browser. Employees won't pay for the data used by approved business apps, and the enterprise no longer needs to implement pay-forward or expense recovery (post-paid) programs. For finance and accounting, mobile device and management rollouts are streamlined through a single convenient subscription.