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Google Cloud AutoML: Now Anyone Can Train AI Systems

By CIOReview | Thursday, February 15, 2018

Gone are the days of writing codes to train an artificial intelligence enabled system. Google just unveiled the alpha release of AutoML Vision. The new product comes with a set of tools that train AI without requiring codes. For instance, this innovative service is capable of training image recognition systems using a drag-and-drop interface—the user just has to load photos, tag them, and start the training process.

The core focus of Google with their new innovation is in widening the adoption of AI and making the technology accessible to more companies. Google created a cloud-based service that enables users to train artificial intelligence systems without writing codes with a vision to make training robots an easy process.

Google last year spouted the AutoML initiative at its I/O conference. The company elaborated the innovative concept of developing machine learning software that can create another machine learning software. However, the new solution isn't quite as efficient or advanced as that initial vision. But the solution provides businesses the option to start training self-made AI models based on solid Google tech.

The new services, reportedly, will be charged for both, training the models and accessing them. Though there are custom AI options already available in the market, Google's new approach is seamless and simple enough to enable websites or devices leverage the AI technology with relatively little effort.