Google Facilitate Storage of Confidential Data by Project Vault

By CIOReview | Wednesday, June 3, 2015

FREMONT, CA: Google announced a new project called Vault, an encrypted microSD card for storing the most sensitive data of users for developers at its annual I/O conference, reports Jorden Novet of VB NEWS.

Google Apps Vault will let any firm retain, archive, search and export one organization mail and chat messages for their e-discovery and compliance need. According to Regina Durgan, ATAP’s Vice President of engineering, Vault is a digital mobile safe for users.

Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects group will be having have minimum 1 GB available on the ARM based chip, an instruction set architecture for computer processors developed based on reduced instruction set computing architecture.  This chip will help people to communicate without exposing cryptographically sensitive data.

It supports features like object oriented logging system and this finger nailed sized device have 4GB of secure storage space. It runs its own security-centric real-time OS with built in cryptographic infrastructure including a set of coded services and hardware random number generator.