Google Introduced 'Analytics 360 Suite' to Leverage Enterprise-Class Marketing

By CIOReview | Thursday, March 17, 2016

FREMONT, CA: The suite can be installed in any device irrespective of its operating system and given its omnipresence; enterprise-class marketers can understand the buying behavior of customers seamlessly from anywhere. Google Analytics 360 Suite also features capturing ‘Intent-Rich Marketing-Moments’ which refers to reaching out customers ‘at the right moment with the right message’ for marketers, source Shirley Siluk,

The Suite consists of six different tools mounted on a single platform. Out of the six tools, four are the latest available beta addition that includes data management platform, data visualization tools, tag management system, and an optimization tool for website testing and personalization. Ultimately, the whole idea of the Suite is to provide a centralized platform for marketers that store, track, and analyze the data from various sources about customers. The Suite also includes two in-built but revamped offerings: Google Analytics Premium, now Google Analytics 360; and Adometry acquired by Google in 2014, now called Google Attribution 360.

"The suite is designed to give marketers a single view of the entire customer journey and sophisticated marketers who use analytics platforms are three times more likely to outperform their peers in achieving revenue goals," said Paul Muret, Google's Vice President of Analytics, Display and Video Products at Google.

Muret also added that the integrated analytics with data and search-like capabilities are designed to better understand each customer's journey across multiple touchpoints and channels. The Analytics 360 Suite also enabled better sharing of insights across organizations, improved organization’s interoperability, and leveraged dealing with customer’s query in useful way. Apart from analytics, the Suite also integrates with Google’s ad technologies such as ‘AdWords’, ‘DoubleClick Bid Manager’, ‘the Google Display Network’, and ‘Google BigQuery’ that enables marketers to sum up data accumulated from various sources. Eventually, companies can use the collected data to represent significant ads to its customers.