Google Introduces Native Ads in Gmail, a Boon for All Advertisers

By CIOReview | Wednesday, September 23, 2015

FREMONT, CA: Google has recently made native Gmail ads available for all advertisers directly in AdWords. The update has been worked out keeping both the advertisers and the audience in mind. Google has removed standard text ads from Gmail and show fewer, higher-quality native ads that integrate more seamlessly with the inbox experience.

The advertisers can now manage native Gmail ads right in AdWords by setting up a Display Network campaign and creating a Gmail ads format in the Ad gallery. The two main parts of the ads include the collapsed ad and the expanded ad unit.  In the collapsed ad, the users initially see that matches the look and feel of the Gmail inbox and they can then click on this to expand it and get more details. The expanded ad unit, which is triggered by a click on the collapsed ad, is a full-page native ad that recreates the informational and visual richness of a landing page. After clicking the expand option, any subsequent clicks on the users content are free, including clicks to save the ad to their inbox or forward it to others. 

The advertisers can select a variety of customizable Gmail ads templates for the expanded ad unit. They can feature a single image, highlight a promotion that combines an image with a description and call-to-action button, or showcase multiple products at once.

In addition, the audience can use most of the display targeting options that they are familiar with such as keywords, affinity audiences, demographics and topics.

The latest announcement gives the users greater control over the ads they see and  can manage their ad settings to remove unwanted ads from specific advertisers. They can also opt out of interest-based ads entirely.