Google Joins the Bandwagon to Woo Cloud Developers, with New Interactive Tools

By CIOReview | Friday, October 16, 2015

FREMONT, CA: In an attempt to delight the developers with apps running on cloud platform, Google brings about a major transformation by introducing a new interactive developer platform for exploring, analyzing and visualizing data on a single go. Current technologies getting all the limelight is Cloud Datalab and Cloud Shell; which the company claims to assist developers “get insights from raw data and explore, share, and publish reports in a fast, simple and cost-effective way.”

The web-based data intuitive software will allow users to scrutinize data on BigQuery, Compute Engine, and Google Cloud Storage with support from Python, SQL and JavaScript. It will automatically inspect varied data and above all it runs flawlessly in a single click.

Datalab still under Beta testing runs on Google’s App Engine platform for building up Web applications. It is powered by Jupyter notebooks, formerly known as iPython, a tool used for creating and sharing large data sets entities of live code, rich media and other data formats. After the completion of free beta period, all that the user has got to do is, start a new project and set up new notebooks.

Cloud Datalab clients take an edge from other counterparts by operating in an open source environment, where they can take the advantage of the facilities provided by GitHub.

The other release from Google dubbed as Cloud Shell stays abreast while giving users command-line access to their compute resources on Google Cloud Platform. It is further strengthened by Compute Engine virtual machine with 5GB data storage and accessibility to the SDK over cloud of Google.