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Google Maps API to Enhance Civic Projects in Chicago

By CIOReview | Monday, July 27, 2015

FREMONT, CA: Chicago Department of Transportation (CDOT) adopts Google Maps Web Services APIs to enhance construction projects and deploy them efficiently, reports Martin W Brennan for ProgrammableWeb.

The Google Maps API is helping the department to create website to improve better coordination for their various public projects in a cost-effective way. Spearheaded by Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel , CDOT project coordination office managed by Collins Engineers adopted new GIS management software- dotMaps. The software is built by SADA Systems, it is an interactive Web-mapping services built using Google Maps and Google Cloud Platform.

dotMaps provides collaborative tools that allows officials to create projects and resolve overlapping with help of geolocation, all in real-time and improves coordination between public and private construction projects to avoid duplication of work. This will result in better management of work, reduction in conflicts, save taxpayers money, avoid illegal roadworks and ease traffic congestion. In addition the application allows agencies, planners and engineers to access all the approved projects and special event data by type, date, address and other categories on live interactive map.

Google Maps API along with dotMaps allows quick access to project information with help of Google Maps Distance Matrix API and provides search capabilities within a specified radius. It will help CDOT to monitor illegal construction activities, make informed decisions faster and incorporate plans effectively.