Google Partners with New Carriers to Expand Android for Work Platform

By CIOReview | Friday, August 7, 2015

FREMONT, CA:  Google partners with eight Carriers namely- AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint, Rogers, Bell Canada, Telus Mobility and KT, for its Android for Work initiative. Android for Work is an enterprise mobility management (EMM) platform that lets companies deliver a secure, productive, and rich mobile experience to their employees.

The features of this platform include:

Data Security: Provides hardware-based encryption and admin-managed policies to ensure business data stays separate and safe from malware while personal information stays private. 

Single Device: Allows users to safely use a single Android device for business and personal use and lets companies provisioned devices to configure work profiles on employee-owned devices. 

Remote Management: All work-related policies, applications, and data can be remotely controlled by admin who can even wipe them from a device without touching the device owner’s personal data. 

Convenient Usage of Apps: Delivers a consistent experience across all devices, and lets users intuitively and effortlessly switch between work and personal apps. The Android for Work program keeps the work apps separate from the rest of the phone.

Simple Deployment: Google Play can be used to find, whitelist, and deploy business apps to Android for Work devices.

Provision of Productivity Suite: Users without Google Apps for Work can alternatively use a full suite of secure productivity apps including business email, calendar, contacts, tasks, and download management that are designed for Android for Work platform.

“Privacy is about being able to decide and control what information to share and how you share it. We’re delighted to join the Android for Work program. It’s a significant step forward in Silent Circle’s development which enables us to deliver privacy and security to a broader enterprise customer base, while meeting their need for the wide-ranging apps and services provided by Google,” said Bill Corner, president and CEO, Silent Circle.