Google Releases New Version of Chrome to Save Memory

By CIOReview | Thursday, September 24, 2015

FREMONT, CA: There was a time when Chrome was known for consuming less memory, but with time it also started devouring memory. So, to maintain its old tradition, Google Chrome has launched its latest version, called Chrome 45, to save memory, reports Frederic Lardinois for Techcrunch.

The new version consists of several updates that focus on making the browser faster and more efficient.  With the new updation, users get many improvements, like automatic updation once the browser restarts; browser will first open those tabs which users were recently working on, leading to fast work without any hindrance. But when the computer will realize that it is running short of resources during restoration, it will stop restoring and users have to click manually to restore tabs.

Moreover, Chrome’s new version has the ability to notice unused open tabs or a website that is not busy with another task and then utilizes that time to free up unused memory. Also, it will now start pausing Flash videos that are not central to a particular website.