Google Releases Project Brillo; an IoT OS by Weaving Communications Standards

By CIOReview | Wednesday, June 3, 2015

FREMONT, CA: Google announced the launch of project Brillo; an Android based Internet of Things Operating System. This new OS is designed to offer a common low system requirement platform for IoT developers, reports Alastair Stevenson of

Now-a-days the trend of connected devices has impacted production of applications as developers find it hard to set up. An IoT is purely reliable on ecosystem and Professionals from Android, Chrome and Nest will assimilate to make IoT ecosystem more effective. It is specifically M2M focused cross platform IoT OS, concerned about security which will enable users to control every gadget from a centralised management control system.

 Google has announced Android@Home three years back with similar concept but due to some technical scarcity their initial attempt went underneath the streamline, reports tech2 firstpost.  But now Google is expected to introduce advanced lifestyle for developers and users where kettle will automatically start boiling; when car is parked in garage; or washing machine working with smart phone from any corner of the house.

According to Google’s senior vice president Sundar Pichai, Devices need a conventional communication system so Google weaved a standardized scheme, a door which can lock and unlock all devices which fall in similar spin understandable by ecosystem.

Contradictory to Google’s new project, representative from firms like Schneider Electric, ABB, Philips and Osram state that IoT will not catastrophe cyber world and will result in redundancies as humans have to find new ways to execute resources, states Alastair Stevenson of According to Tesla founder Elon Mask Artificial Intelligence is a technological threat to humanity.