Google's BigQuery Hits the Market with Multiple Updates
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Google's BigQuery Hits the Market with Multiple Updates

By CIOReview | Friday, December 18, 2015

FREMONT, CA: Google’s BigQuery, SQL-based big data analytics service initially launched in 2012, gets an update on performance diagnostic tool, cost, UI enhancements; a new way to capture detailed usage logs and improvements on streaming API.  The update makes it more flexible and breaks the traditional methodologies of streaming, scaling and budgeting.

‘Custom Quotas’ feature of Google’s BigQuery allows administrators to set daily quotas on data use for individuals or whole projects so that a fence can be placed on the user’s usage limit. With key improvements in streaming API, it is now even possible for users to template dataset tables. Regular users of streaming API received new feature “template table”, streaming insert request and elimination of “warm-up” delay period, results instant availability of data.

Google Cloud Audit Logs:

Google Cloud Audit Log serves audit and compliance needs with two log streams namely, Admin Activity and Data Access. Every question can be answered via these immutable logs within Google Cloud Platform projects.

Streaming API:

Data can be streamed into BigQuery, one record at a time by using tabledata and now data can be streamed to datasets in US. During BigQuery processes, the data can flow outside through machines to dataset’s locations but there is no provision to stream data from outside dataset’s location, as a measure of privacy management.

Template Tables:

Template tables reduce the overhead of creating individual tables. A single template works for all and supply different suffix to BigQuery to create new tables. In the same project and dataset BigQuery sets up the tables and templates consisting data analysis, making it easier to update the blueprint and the template table.

“The new granular cost controls in BigQuery will be a welcome addition for those accustomed to a traditional, fixed-size cluster, where cost is also fixed and scaling is complex,” commented Tino Tereshko, Technical Program Manager, Google.

BigQuery users can now check the query implementation on services. Google is also providing a graphical analysis that opens up the performance congestions in queries. These upgrades have instantly enhanced query cost management capability.