Google's Pony Express Service to Receive and Pay Bills Directly through Gmail

By CIOReview | Friday, March 27, 2015

FREMONT, CA: Google continues to grow in industry by integrating its services with multiple sectors that drives its vision to organize as well as combine world’s information at one place. In this venture, the company has been working on Pony Express, a service that enables their Gmail users to receive in email inbox with payment on-a-go facility, reports Jason Del Rey of Re/code.

With Pony Express service, the users won’t have to go to telecom or utility company’s website to pay their bills. To receive the benefits of this new service, the Gmail users need to provide personal information including credit card and telephone service account number to third party vendors that have an alliance with Google. Those vendors print and mail bill on behalf of various service providers.

After the authentication process, users can receive bill or other related mail in Gmail or the Inbox app. The service also provides special folder to pay bills automatically for next time just by choosing Pay Expedited option. Additionally, users can share their bill with Gmail user to split the expenditures by adding the option of automating the process. It takes photo of all the concerned mail to archive in digital form.