Google's Smart Move Enables Gamers to Play without Sign-in
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Google's Smart Move Enables Gamers to Play without Sign-in

By CIOReview | Thursday, January 28, 2016

FREMONT, CA: After removing the Google+ requirement for Youtube and photo services, Google in its latest move has announced withdrawing of Google+ from its Play Games- Android gaming service as well. Play Games allows Android gamers to sync progress, accomplishments and even helps in connecting between different devices. It acts as a unified gaming centre, same as the Game Center on iOS or the Xbox app on Windows 10. The move will enable the gamers to play their games without signing in into Google+ account.

"We're taking steps to reduce sign-in friction and unnecessary permission requests for players by moving the Games APIs to a new model," wrote Wolff Dobson, Developer Advocate on Google's Android Developers blog. He went on to add that from now, new users will receive a new player ID that respects their privacy and masks their real name. However, the existing users will continue to be identified by their previous Google+ ID.

Currently, a player requires to sign-in every time while playing a new game. Google is axing this old requirement, allowing the players to get signed in automatically, after a single login to the main app. This new enhanced features comes as a great help for the users, who do not have or do not want a Google + account to gain access to their Play Games. Such users can sign in automatically as long as a Google account exists on their phones.

With this declaration, Google has given its users the option of utilizing G+ for what they want to use it for and not for all of their activities when they’re on the web.