Google Sets in Motion 'Shopping Insights' to Learn Online Shopping Trends

By CIOReview | Tuesday, October 27, 2015

FREMONT, CA: To accommodate the retailers with the information on the shopping trends of customers, Google rolls out ‘Shopping Insights’ tool that categorizes searches based on city or devices – the unique way of tracking people. The tool is currently in its beta version.

According to a research, Google says 87 percent of customers research on products online. In contrast to this, 92 percent of them buy in retail stores. The tool makes use of the online search trends for each product and analyzes customer’s mind through the results.The retailers are also now better informed on the fast-moving products and help their purchases inturn.

The visualization tool currently covers around 5000 popular products and displays trends over time in heatmaps. Not only the keyword specified, the tool also searches for related products and offers complete search experience for buyers. Along with the usual product searching, the tool also incorporates ‘compare’ feature that enables comparing 2 searches and presents the results on their popularity in the region.

Beta version includes shopping data from April 2014 till September 2015, which will be updated every month; alongside, products will also be added to the tool.