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Google Supplements Extended Options for Beta Testing

By CIOReview | Monday, August 10, 2015

FREMONT, CA: Google is embedding new options in its Google Play Developer Console for beta testing facilitating developers with more effective management system through open betas and email address usage, reports, Frederic Lardinois, TechCrunch.

Beta testing is a form of external user acceptance testing, and versions of the software are released to limited audience outside the programming team known as beta testers. These testers ensure the complete analysis of product to optimize the product if required.

Earlier beta tests were confined and managed by Google+ community. But now, with the help of open beta program preference, users need not to partner with company’s social channels to become testers. Developers can control the test size by sending links, so any user can accompany beta test with a single click.

Further users can restrict access of beta through email addresses, where one can set up a closed beta by listing individuals who can join beta tests and curbing options for some non-preferred persons. Therefore only users in test group will receive an update for beta version and can download the app. After downloading the app on Google Play, users cannot review or rate it on app store, providing time to users to address any bugs without giving negative impression on user’s app listing. In addition to the new options, Google has made few changes in the way developers can rate their apps.