Google to Integrate Wi-Fi to its Fiber Networks

By CIOReview | Tuesday, April 29, 2014

FREMONT, CA: Google’s high-speed gigabit fiber network is keen on providing super-fast connectivity without the aid of wires, reports DIGITAL TRENDS.

Google, the tech giant wants to add Wi-Fi to its fiber network and at the same time wants to expand its fiber network by short listing 34 cities to add fiber network connectivity. It plans to include the shortlisted cities with Kansas City metro area and Provo in Utah, the only places with Google Fiber installation till date. According to Google, the 1,000Mbps technology would also be made available to Austin and Texas, the next year

In order to set up Wi-Fi connectivity to the fiber network, Google along with the cities would undergo an application process that involves the investigating the possibility of Wi-Fi networks. Google would then install several utility stations across the enabled areas, and these stations are likely to form the basis of any wireless provision.

The Wi-Fi of fiber network with the help of Wi-Fi would extend its connectivity from outside homes and offices to mobiles, tablets and motor vehicles while on the move. This would be possible through gigabit-sized connectivity provided to the devices. 

 “We’d love to be able to bring Wi-Fi access to all of our Fiber cities, but we don’t have any specific plans to announce right now. We’ll probably have to wait some time for more details of the project, with new locations not expected to get Fiber until the end of the year,” stated Google.