Google Updates its Classroom with New APIs to Streamline Education with a Share Button

By CIOReview | Thursday, July 2, 2015

FREMONT, CA: Google’s Classroom received a few recent updates and seems to be creating a buzz around the technology and education arena. The updates like new API, embedded share button for websites, Whitelisted Domains, Mobile Classroom notifications, Re-use previous posts and others are gaining significant traction.

Google’s educational initiative “classroom” which debuted last year and has been aiding teachers and students alike by saving time and creating a better connect between them. Classroom is part of Google apps for education which are a set of cloud-based applications which were introduced in 2010. Google apps for education which is estimated to reach 110 million by 2020, is currently receiving a few updates.

The new API will make it easier for admins and developers to integrate and extend the use of Classroom. Classroom API, which is now in developer preview, will make it easier for the admins to set up, provision and populate Classroom on behalf of teachers. It will also aid to sync content from their Student Information Systems with Classroom and gain insight into which classes are being taught in their domain. The new API is currently out for developer preview. During this period interested developers and admin can sign up for early access and run tests and familiarize themselves with the updates.

The Classroom share button will enable developers or schools, to allow teachers and students to seamlessly share links, videos and images from another webpage.

The share button requires few lines of JavaScript, and the button can be customized to meet the needs of the website. When teachers and students click the button, they can quickly share to Classroom without having to leave the site they’re on. More than 20 educational content and tool providers have already committed to integrating the Classroom share button, including: 
PBS, Quizlet, American Museum of Natural History, Discovery Education, Duolingo, TIME Edge.

The ability to whitelist domains will be rolling out soon, making it possible to whitelist other Google Apps for Education domains so students, teachers or staff in different domains can effectively work together in Drive and Classroom.

Mobile Classroom notifications will be added on iOS and Android app soon. Students can immediately see when they’ve got a new assignment or grade, a note from their teacher or a comment from a fellow student.

In August, Google is planning to roll out the ability for you to reuse assignments and posts from old classes through an update called Re-use previous posts.