Google Voice App Now Decipher Complex Questions and Instructions

By CIOReview | Friday, November 20, 2015

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA: Google rolls out enhancements to improve Voice assistant app by making it capable of understanding complex questions.

Google explains the included features in its blog, “Earlier the voice assistant would not understand complex statement, so they have made an effort to break the sentence into smaller parts and make it understandable to the app.” Now the application is able to comprehend complex statements and provide appropriate answers to its users.

Features like complex combination, understanding of superlatives and answering better to the questions related to the dates have elevated Google to the standards of a true semantic search engine. They look forward to work on the application to make it even better; blending voice app into the Google app has made it smarter and as it breaks the query into pieces to make the voice app understand. For instance, if the question is “Who was the U.S. President when the Angels won the World Series?” it could respond, “George Bush.”

Google also looks forward for more individuals to utilize the application because bettering voice search isn’t just an academic challenge- It can impact the company’s bottom line. The enhanced voice search is taking off now on Google application for both iOS and Android.