Google Works On a Wearable Device to Help Doctors in Remote Monitoring of Patients

By CIOReview | Friday, June 26, 2015

FREMONT, CA:  Google, popular search engine is all ready to mark its foot print in medical technology, with a health tracking wrist band to monitor patients health on daily basis to help doctors prevent disease and avoid futuristic health related problems. The device is currently under scrutiny and will be used for research and academic purpose, Reports Caroline Chen and Brain Womack for Bloomberg Business.

The device comes with sensors which detects person’s electrocardiogram(EKG), skin temperature including external factors like light exposure and noise levels.  Google X, pioneers of Google Glass, Loon and Google’s self-driving cars developed the wristband aiming to target prescribed medical patients and intends to use for clinical trials and drug tests. The activity sensors, detects person’s mobility, which could help in study Parkinson’s and also advice heart attack patients to wear the device to monitor their heart rhythm.  

This health-tracking technology aids medical practitioners to tackle and record the patients vital signs and medical history outside lab. “We hope that this technology would unlock continuous medical-grade information with easier methods to understand and deploy appropriate treatment” says Andy Conrad, head of life sciences team at Google.  In addition Google intends to provide health monitoring features in its Android Wear software for its customers, though its partners namely LG Electronics and Apple.